Country Vet Mosquito & Fly Spray Kit

$ 56.40

Country Vet Mosquito and Fly Spray – Kills house flies, mosquitoes, gnats and small flying moths. Easy-to-program automatic metered dispenser features modern design and industry-leading battery life. Metered valve activated every 15 and/or 30 and/or 45 minutes; effectiveness noticeable within 1 hour after activation. Within 24 hours area is relatively free of indicated insects.

Contains 1.76% pyrethrins and 5% piperonyl butoxide.

Includes automatic metered dispenser, Mosquito & Fly Spray refill and wall mounting kit. Dispenser can also be used with Country Vet air fresheners. For use in farms, dairies, kennels and more. Requires 4 "AA" batteries (not included). Same dispenser as included with Country Vet Fly Spray Kit, but with a stronger insecticide spray (with 1.76% pyrethrins and 5% piperonyl butoxide vs. 0.975% pyrethrins and 1.95% piperonyl butoxide). EPA registered.