Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula for Horses

$ 150.15
Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula for Horses with Cetyl Myristoleate – For use in horses only. Recommended for support of joint health and function. Provides building blocks for synovial fluid, cartilage and connective tissues; supports structural integrity of joints and connective tissues, and a healthy inflammatory response; enhances functions of joint and connective tissues; and eases joint stiffness due to normal daily exercise and activity.

Pellets’ cool pelleting process ensures superior intake.

2 scoops granules or pellets contain 5,500 mg cetyl myristoleate complex , 3,000 mg glucosamine HCl, 3,000 mg MSM, 1,000 mg ascorbic acid (vitamin C), 340 mg lecithin and 75 mg citrus bioflavonoids.

Directions: Initial period (approx 3 weeks) - 1-2 scoops twice daily for average horse (900-1,200 lbs), 2-3 scoops twice daily for large horse (1,201+ lbs); Maintenance - 1 scoop daily for average horse, 1-1/2 scoops daily for large horse. Maintenance at higher rate when needed. Administer during or after animal has eaten to reduce incidence of gastrointestinal upset. Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.

Scoop included. 5.1 lbs lasts approximately 2 months at maintenance level.