All-Weather Animal Treatment Record Book

$ 9.95
Rite in the Rain Animal Treatment Record Book is ideal for diagnostics and treatment. Includes columns for date, animal ID, diagnosis, treatment & dosage, route of administration, length of withdrawal, withdrawal date, processor and comments. Write in the Rain notebook for animal treatment features perfect binding and field flex cover with a 4" ruler on back cover. 3"x4-5/8"; 32 treatment pages and 16 universal pages, 48 total.

Rite In The Rain Products
The hassle of soggy, illegible paperwork has plagued outdoor professionals for decades. All-weather, Rite in the Rain writing paper solves this problem! Sheds rain, sweat, grime, humidity, animal fluids and even the accidental trip through the washing machine. Provides you with an effective means to write, protect and keep valuable information anywhere, in any weather. Best if used with pencil or a pen that will work in wet environments. 100% recyclable wood-based paper. Made in the USA.