Basic Sheep & Goat Feed Trough

$ 353.73
Freestanding unit allows feeding of forage and grain in the same feeder. It is important to keep grain, hay,and forage waste off the ground because goats and sheep are close grazers; by using this feeder there is less opportunity for ingestion of parasites. Hay is dispensed from the top through a 3 wire grid that helps reduce nearly all forage and hay waste. Loose hay and leaves fall into the bunk, not on the ground, for reduced waste and healthier goats and sheep. The bunk doubles as a grain feeder with its own polypropylene plastic liner that is gentle on animals' mouths, especially in cold weather, and helps preserve the steel bed of the feeder. Rack holds one medium-size square bale of hay. Measures 44.5 long by 31.5 wide by 45.13 high; trough is 3.5 deep and 18 from the ground. Made of heavy-duty galvanized metal to prevent rust and corrosion. Accommodates up to 10 mature sheep or goats.