Dvd-C Gregory Handmade Therapeutic Shoe

$ 79.99

CHRIS GREGORY - FARRIER'S HANDMADE ARSENAL OF THERAPEUTIC SHOES. DVD. This is the crown jewel in the series of DVD's from Chris Gregory. Seven handmade shoes that Chris calls the "Farrier's Handmade Arsenal of Therapeutic Shoes." This 2 DVD set shows you in exquisite detail how you can learn to make and use these shoes. From the simple eggbar to the more complex patton-bar, you will have a study guide that provides Chris's direct, step-by-step systematic forging methods. For those who want to take their skills to a whole new level, this is an absolute must for your DVD library. In 2 DVDs you will see seven different shoes: Patton-bar, Z-bar, W-shoe, Egg-bar, Straight-bar, Heart-bar, and Lateral heel extension. 2 disc set. Approx. 93 minutes.