Dvd-Harnessing Work Horses W/B.Ainsworth

$ 32.00

DVD - HARNESSING WORK HORSES - With Brandt Ainsworth. Horse logger and farmer from Franklinville, NY, Brandt Ainsworth shares his knowledge of harnessing, collaring, bridling, and grooming a work horse. Using as models 10 beautiful and hardworking draft horses- Percheron, Belgian, Brabant, and Spotted Draft - Brandt demonstrates a variety of harness, including martingale (bellybacker) harness, sidestrap (sidebacker) harness, D-Ring harness, Y-back harness, pulling harness, plow harness, and logging harness. He also discusses bits, bridles, collars, pads, lines, eveners, and neck yokes. From this video, you will learn to select the style of harness and collar to suit your needs and fit and fine-tune your harness to keep your horses healthy and comfortable. 1 hour 48 minutes.