Doc Hammill'S Horsemanship Video Series- Fundamental 1 & 2

$ 90.00

Doc Hammill's Horsemanship Video Series- Fundamental 1 & 2 - An introduction to the fundamentals of driving and working horses in harness. Fundamentals 1 (Disc 1) covers: Lines and Line Board, Line Exercises, Line Chair, Commands, Catching and Haltering, Collars and Pads, Grooming, Hames, Intro to Bits, Harness Up, Driving Through Cones, Team Lines Introduction, Hitching the Team, Driving Over the Tongue, Removing Harness and Communicating. Fundamentals 2 (Disc 2) covers: Fitting Collars, Grooming, Properly Adjusted Harness, Adjusting Britchen, Harness Tips, Hitching a Single Horse, Bits Discussion, Introduction to Mowing, Securing a Neck Yoke, Dump Rake, Adjusting Team Lines, Intro to Skidding Logs and Butt Rope/ Jockey Stick. This 2 DVD set has 4 hours of great instruction.