Doc Hammill'S Horsemanship Video Series- Fundamentals 3 & 4

$ 90.00

Doc Hammill's Horsemanship Video Series- Fundamentals 3 & 4 - A continuation of the introduction to the fundamentals of driving and working horses in harness. Fundamentals 3 (Disc 1) covers: Harness: Pull/ Holdback, Hame strap vs. Fastener, Hooking Up Single Lines, Hooking Up Team Lines, Preflight Check, Attaching Doubletrees, Lines: Control & Finesse, Horsedrawn Grader, Knots Review, Horse Follows Too Close and Footcare: Ready for Farrier. Fundamentals 4 (Disc 2) covers: Coming When Called, Bridles and Check Reins, Breast & Pole Strap Combinations, Using the Buckback Rope, Reshaping Collars, Point of Draft, Intro to Working in the Woods, Bungee Tie, Managing Collar Sores, Lines Hooked Up Wrong and Footcare: Trimming Feet This 2 DVD set has 4 hours of great instruction.