Espree Puppy Aloe Wipes

$ 9.18

* Sensitive skin formula for quick and gentle cleanups
* Made with 100% organically grown aloe vera
* Safe with flea treatments
* No added fragrance
* Learn more now – watch the videos in 'Other Info' below
* Made in the USA

Espree Puppy Aloe Wipes – Formulated with hypo-allergenic and tear-free ingredients to gently clean sensitive skin and coat. Natural ingredients of aloe and jojoba leave a fresh, soft and fluffy coat. Safe for nursing and expectant mothers. 

Aloe vera’s beneficial nutrients act as a powerful skin hydrator; aloe is absorbed into skin 4 times faster than water. Aloe vera heals allergic rashes, sunburn, insect bites and minor abrasions while alleviating swelling and boosting immune response. 

Puppy and kitten safe. Non-detergent. 100% biodegradable. Animal cruelty-free. Human-grade ingredients. No parabens or chemical dyes. 

Directions: Use as often as desired for a quick cleanup job or as a freshener between baths. Also try Espree Puppy Shampoo. 

Made in the USA.