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Dale Myler is a world-renowned horseman recognized for his unique approach to bitting horses for tongue relief. Dale’s seminars and clinics are educational in scope, discussing general bit knowledge and showing how any bit works with the basic principles of anatomy and physiology. Dale has given seminars and clinics around the world, in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany. He has worked with riders and horses at every level and in all disciplines of equestrian sport, from Olympic riders and working with horses in the Royal Mews of England, down to the everyday pleasure rider.


Please register for this free event to help us plan accordingly.

Option #1 :

If you would like to attend the 2-3hr class room seminar please just let us know how many people are attending with you. This portion of the clinic is free.

Option #2:

If you would like to be one of the 4 select people to bring your horse please click on the drop down and select "Horse Lottery" and fill out your information. On MAY 1ST we will draw names to see which horses will be attending the clinic for the live demonstration with Dale. You will have until May 4th to pay for your spot. Any spots not paid for by May 4th will go back out to lottery for someone else to win. Dale will take all the time necessary to work with each horse. Please make sure you have time to spend the afternoon at the farm. The cost per horse for this portion of the event is $135.

Option #3:

If you want to audit the hands on portion of this clinic you can do so by clicking the drop down and selecting "Audit". By auditing this portion of the clinic you will be allowed to stay for the remainder of the day. The cost to audit is $10 per person.