Garlic, Pure Granules 5.5 lb Pail

$ 65.40
  • All-natural, healthy immune support supplement helps deter biting insects, too!
  • Garlic provides so many year-round benefits; it's the most commonly used herb for horses
  • Not a powder or oil
  • 100% pure, top grade garlic granules leave no waste, oily mess or nostril irritation
  • Wont' smell up your house or dog!

Wendals Herbs Garlic Granules equine herbal supplement.

All-natural, 100% pure, top grade Wendals Herbs Garlic Granules are ideal year-round for horses to help support a healthy immune system, healthy skin and hair coat, healthy respiratory system and so much more. Supplement Garlic Granules in the summer months to help deter biting insects and help your horse and you have a happier, more enjoyable riding season. Less stomping hooves and swishing tails mean a more peaceful time together on the trail. High palatable granules leave no waste, oily mess or nostril irritation.

Directions: Give average horse 4-1/2 scoops * 2.2 lbs lasts about 22 days.

*Measuring scoop included with other Wendals Herb blends