Goat Snax Banana & Ginger 5lbs

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Goat Snax – Tasty and nutritious treat with flavors goats love. Contains probiotics. Rice & Berry flavor made with real berries; Banana & Ginger flavor made with real bananas.

Contains min 9% crude protein, min 1.5% crude fat, max 35% crude fiber, min 0.15%/max 0.35% calcium, min 0.35% phosphorus, min 20 ppm selenium, min 5,000 IU/lb vitamin A and 20 million CFU per 1/4 lb bacillus coagulans.

Directions: Feed as a treat. Standard Goat - up to 1/2 lb daily; Dwarf or Pygmy Goat - up to 1/4 lb daily. Do not offer free choice or use as complete feed. Does not contain added copper; safe for all classes of livestock including sheep.

Treating Tips
Feeding treats every time goats encounter people is a great way to encourage them to be friendly and approachable. For the best success in attracting goats, feed between meals or immediately prior. May also be used for training and rewarding desirable behavior.