Joint Combo Hoof & Coat

$ 67.01
Joint Combo Hoof & Coat from Farnam is a 3-in-1 supplement for joints, hooves, and skin and coat. Promotes healthy joints with a combination of glucosamine HCl (1800 mg/2 oz), chondroitin sulfate (600 mg/2 oz), plus manganese and ascorbic acid. Helps build strong hooves with biotin (16 mg/2 oz) and zinc (100 mg/2 oz). Conditions skin and coat with essential fatty acids from soy oil and flax seed meal. Also contains MSM (750 mg/2 oz), a natural anti-inflammatory. Highly palatable cinnamon-apple flavored pellets. Dosage: 3 oz daily with regular grain ration for 3-4 weeks; 2 oz daily for maintenance. 3.75 lbs = 30 day supply.