MoreSport Shoe

$ 11.20

The MoreSport Shoe! MoreSport is enhanced with additional farrier friendly features designed around the needs of the modern sports horse working predominantly on artificial surfaces and to provide risk reduction of repetitive strain injuries such as Suspensory ligament and Collateral ligament injuries.


A hard wearing durable shoe MoreSport incorporates a broad sectioned rolled toe to facilitate smooth break over, sole relief, additional traction via a secondary fuller grove, the front shoe has symmetrical branches with broad European style onion heels whilst the hind shoe is handed left and right with lateral onion style heel extension. Both front and hind shoes are styled to our "Easy Fit" pattern and also feature stud hole relief for easy drilling and tapping. Importantly nail holes are precision punched and pitched in five hole pattern that allows choice.


If you need a clip pattern in a size or style pattern that we do not have give us a call or send us an email and we will let you know how soon we can have them available!