One Day Response Supplement 2.5 oz Packet

$ 2.95
One Day Response nutritional supplement for young calves reduces the need for tube feeding and minimizes weight loss caused by dehydration. Helps calves resume normal diets quickly - usually after just 2 feedings. Exclusive formula contains psyllium, electrolytes and energy sources. Dosage: 1st, 2nd & 3rd feedings (12 hrs apart) - 1 pkt or 2 scoops mixed with 2 qts warm water; 4th feeding - 1/2 pkt or 1 scoop mixed with 1 qt warm water combined with 1/2 pkt or 1 scoop mixed with 1 qt milk. Resume regular feeding in 12 hrs or sooner if calf responds well after 1st or 2nd feedings.