Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief Pouch

$ 33.95
For stress and digestive relief, and gut support. Helps remineralize. Boosts energy. For all breeds and disciplines of horses.

Contains min 4%/max 5% calcium, min 0.04% phosphorus, min 2.5%/max 3.5% salt, min 0.8% magnesium, min 0.7% potassium, min 0.08% sulfur, min 29 ppm copper, min 3,900 ppm iron and min 400 ppm manganese.

Directions: Horses 300-600 lbs - 1 scoop added to feed; 300-900 lbs - 2 scoops; 900-1,200 lbs - 3 scoops; over 1,200 lbs - 4 scoops. Feed 3 hours after other supplements and medication. Scoop enclosed. Resealable pouch.

Love it or return it guarantee.

Mined in America.

What is Daily Gold?
Daily Gold is a natural blend that begins with Montmorillonite clay – an ideal way to buffer acid, bind toxins and help horse’s digestive system work as nature intended.

How does it work?
Daily Gold has a way with digestive issues. Unique molecules attract and bind toxins that cause stomach trouble while its high pH helps take the burn out of acidic ulcers and sores.

How do I use it?
Just add Daily Gold to feed using guide on label – up to 2% of the total feed. Feed Daily Gold 3 hours after other supplements and medication.

Did you know?
Buffering acid and binding toxins naturally can save thousands in expensive treatment plans.

This product may be suitable for use on organic farms. Please confirm with your certifier before using.

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