SL Sportz Harness

$ 596.05
The SL Sportz harness has been designed for Shetlands and Small Ponies in marathon or scurry driving. Based on the design of the Standard SL Shetland harness, this version is also lightweight, sturdy and comfortable.

It features a sporty contour Empathy breastplate with integrated traces that have generous adjustment at the vehicle end. This breastplate is particularly suitable for ponies with a low set neck, as it allows freedom of the shoulder and enables ponies to pull more efficiently.

The breeching has a single hip strap and an adjustable breeching seat to make the harness more versatile across a range of different ponies - whether refined or stocky.

Note: This is the standard set configuration. For non-standard set options, please contact Meader Supply. Ships in 7-10 business days.