Blu Carving Chisels

$ 30.00

The new line of carving chisels from Big Blu were designed and forged by skilled craftsmen to be a streamlined set to fulfill the wide variety of tasks that many blacksmiths face every day while simultaneously holding up to the test of time.

From the cartoon carvings to the most elegant of works of chasing and engraving, this carving set offers it all in one high quality package.

Forged with care and skill by the master toolmakers at Big Blu, these S-7 tools bring together an old-world hand-forged look with the flexibility and durability of a very modern tool steel.

Each tool undergoes a rigorous dual tempering process that ensures it will survive in high heat and high stress use. Also, the S-7 will re-harden each time it cools down making these tools ideal for carving into hot or cold steel.