"Horse Drawn Sleighs" Book

$ 29.95

By Susan Green

The first edition of Horse Drawn Sleighs proved so helpful to those who wished to build sleighs, or those who were just interested in them and wished to study them in detail, that Susan Green has compiled a Second Edition. The second edition, like the first, is a book of specially selected articles from three of the outstanding carriage journals of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In this edition, however, there are many more illustrations, and more working drawings for builders. There is a glossary of terms for sleighs and sleigh parts, and a new section with essays on early sleighs and sleighing. The book covers almost every imaginable type of sleigh: Albany (or swell-body), Portland cutters, speeding cutters, multi-passenger, box-body, traps and sporting sleighs, Canadian, rumble-seat, cabriolets, vis-a-vis, closed-body, and more. Not only are these various sleighs fully illustrated with detailed line drawings, but full descriptions are given covering dimensions, materials used, trim, and painting details. There are also sections that provide valuable information on sleigh construction, ironing, body design, painting, and trimming. Altogether, an invaluable resource.

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