Zgb Harness

$ 1,876.30

ZGB Harness has been designed for the toughest marathon conditions, and features built-in versatility between single, pairs and team.

  • Multi-purpose design of breastplate and saddle, which allows the same harness to be used for single, pair or team
  • Breastplate and traces are all-in-one, with adjustment for length made behind the horse (more accessible when driving multiples)
  • Tough 50mm (2") traces with reinforced holes
  • Choice of different trace endings to suit different types of carriages
  • Moveable rein ring on wither, which can be lowered or raised to suit the head carriage and conformation of individual horses
  • Shaped, padded girth for extra comfort below the elbow
  • Independent hanging noseband with detachable flash strap
  • Saddle has adjustable pads which can be positioned to suit individual horse conformation. Padding extends down the sides to minimize any damage from bumping shafts or other horses in a multiple
  • Choice of detachable color trim for breastplate and contoured brow band to suit marathon colors
  • Suitable for competition, commercial and pleasure as well as trainers who work from single to pair frequently

Note: This is the standard set configuration. For non-standard set options, please contact Meader Supply. Ships in 7-10 business days.

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