Granite State Belgians

Meader's Heritage Farm is home to the Meader Family's Registered Granite State Belgians.

The Belgian Draft Horse Corporation describes the Belgian horse of today. 

"Today’s Belgian draft horse is extraordinarily versatile. Besides being used in its traditional role as a source of farm/ranch power and logging operations, many owners compete in halter, hitch and riding classes, horse pulls and plowing competitions. Others are employed in the tourism industry, in carriage services and used in advertising and any number of means for pleasure and recreation.

American breeders have developed a much different animal than was first imported from Belgium, starting in the late 1800s. Besides the predominance of sorrels, chestnuts and blonds, the modern Belgian possesses unmistakable style in the neck and head, sloping shoulders and pasterns, a strong level back and large shapely feet. His bone is clean and flat, its hocks sharp and straight and it moves elegantly at both the walk and trot. Yet along with these changes, the Belgian has retained its depth of middle, heavy muscling, close coupling and easy keeping qualities that have made it “America’s Draft Horse Breed Supreme.”"

The Granite State Belgians became a registered herd and house hold name in 1982 by Bud & Ruth Meader. Their Belgians were shown successfully all over North American as well as Canada in the 70's & 80's. Their breeding program slowed down upon the arrival of there human grandchildren in the 90's.

Belgians have remained on the farm for generations. Horses were originally used to work the farm but soon became a beloved hobby when tractors replaced the need to use them for farm work. 

This year we are especially excited to announce the addition of two more Belgians. Goldie and Glorie joined the farm in 2021 as 3 & 4 year old mares. They have been a delight to work with and we are eagerly awaiting the birth of Goldie's foal in April of 2022.

We will add pictures here as well as post some meet and greet dates for local people that would like to come see the new baby.

A special note to the locals: A lot of you have asked, "Where are the horses at?". They are here on the farm but we are keeping them away from the public at this time to make sure everyone stays healthy. The horses will return to the front pastures soon as Spring arrives and brings with it less germs, fresh air and warm sun.

Stay Safe and Be Well

~The Meader Family

Pictured: Bud, Bob & Billy with Goldie & Glorie 

7th, 8th, & 10th generation Meader's on the farm.

Granite State Grace w/ her mom Granite State Goldie

We were honored to welcome Granite State Grace to the farm in April, 2022. She is about a week old in this photo. A great big healthy filly!