Heavy Equipment

Here at Meader Supply we carry a large inventory of carts and sleds, shoeing stocks, stall mats, feeders, corrals and so much more. We don't have all of these items on our website as shipping has to be calculated individual depending on where in the country the item is shipping to. This page will have a basic listing our our standard equipment.


The Belgian Hill Farm Breaking Sled

We use these sleds ourselves and really appreciate the quality of the workmanship as well as the functionality. We stock the sled with the bench seat and the pole as a complete unit. Sleds picked up here at our farm are $2,475 (price is valid 5/9/2023, please call as prices are subject to change with each shipment). These sleds will hold up to all your training and conditioning efforts. 

Yoder's Shoeing Stocks

We stock three different size of shoeing stocks. 

We stock the following options:

Regular Draft $1720

Oversized Draft $1820

Oversized Draft on Runners $1910

All the stock sizes include front bars that can open. All the necessary belly, back and rear chains included. These also come with the large and small leg straps as well as the rope.

The stocks are sold as they are in the picture, assembled. 

Prices are valid as of 5/2023 please call to confirm as they change after this shipment has sold. 

Cart, Carriage, Feeder & Corral Info Coming Soon