Accel Lifetime Health & Wellness

$ 54.25

* Balanced, comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement plus antioxidant support for all classes of horses
* Supports maintenance of muscle tissue during training
* Ideal for senior horses
* Now in easy-to-feed small pellets
* NASC member

Accel Lifetime Health & Wellness Formula – Comprehensive multi-vitamin and mineral supplement PLUS antioxidant support. Delivers optimum levels of essential water soluble and fat soluble vitamins, chelated and conventional minerals, trace minerals and amino acids to help keep horses in peak condition. Promotes healthy muscle development and function.

Directions: Intensive training or performance, or during breeding, gestation or lactation - 2 oz daily; Senior horses, idle to moderate activity or for maintenance - 1 oz; Weanlings and yearlings - Start at 1/2 oz, gradually increase according to body weight. 1 oz scoop enclosed.

5 lbs = 80 day supply at maintenance level.