Aqua Comb Equine

$ 24.75
Equine Aqua Comb – The best horse washing device ever! Washes, rinses and detangles. Helps eliminate fungus, sweet itch, ringworm scabs and other skin conditions. Great prep for body clipping and braiding. Save time and money – wash in 30% less time using less soap. Leaves a bright, shiny coat. White horses fully cleaned in one washing. Spray directly contacts skin for instant cool down after intense workout. Dries fast; less water stays on horse due to comb action.

4-H kids that show their animals will find that they look better and place higher in competition.

Ranchers or anyone selling livestock at auction will see higher bids for their animals because they look better and livelier in the arena.

All furred rescue animals get extreme benefit from the combined deep massage and wound therapy. Recovery times are accelerated and the animal’s appearance and mental state improve faster, making quicker placement times possible.

Wash steps: Detangle tail. Wet entirely using comb against grain of hair. Using less soap (comb does most of work), scrub one side of horse. Rinse using comb against grain of hair. Soap and rinse other side. Do a final rinse of entire horse, going with grain to leave coat smooth and shiny. Squeegee off remaining water.

Attach to standard 3/4" hose fitting.

100% recyclable.


Made in the USA.

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