Arti-Mud Hoof Clay

$ 26.95

Artimud is intended for use in gaps in hooves that may otherwise be prone to microbial invasion.  It is designed to produce an environment that bacteria and fungus cannot grow in and to promote formation of healthy tissue.  Its thick, clay consistency allows it to stick in cracks too shallow for the use of Hoof Stuff antimicrobial packs.  Containing only naturally occurring ingredients Artimud is non-toxic, safe and easy to use. Artimud is a great product for putting under Sole Support Impression Material to help maintain a healthy environment.  Hoof Stuff & Artimud have been found useful for seedy toe, white line disease, deep central sulcus separation, abscess cavities, grass cracks, as well as other issues. It's active ingredients act not only to eliminate bacteria and fungus but also promote healing and restoration of healthy tissue.

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