Bonide Rat Magic Scent Packs

$ 18.99

Convenient scent packs for indoor use in attics, basements, and sheds. Naturally drives away rats, squirrels, chipmunks, and other rodents. Even protects bird feeders! Simply distribute the scent packs around any area rodents hide, feed or congregate. Pay particular attention to areas around walls and other surfaces that may serve as runways, areas of potential entry, and potential nesting areas. 

  • Repels rats and other listed rodents from garages, sheds, basements and more
  • People & pet safe, when used as directed
  • Repel rats outdoors to discourage entry
  • Establish a perimeter to protect sheds and buildings
  • Essential oil scents discourage and repel rats
  • Contains 8-1.5 oz scent packs

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