Beet Treats

$ 9.25

low Sugar – No Starch – High Fiber

Super Yummy, they’ll whinny for more! Emerald Valley Beet Treats are the smart choice for every horse. Our healthy horse treats were created with your horse’s dietary needs in mind, including the ‘easy keeper’ and senior horse. Beet Treats are made from the internationally known beet pulp flake, Speedi-Beet and formulated to be 95% sugar free and no starch. You will not find any cereals, grains, artificial colors, preservatives or fillers in these crunchy treats your horse or pony will love. Emerald Valley Beet Treats may be used as a training aid, a reward or as a healthy treat.

Made from Speedi-Beet, a 95% sugar- free micronized sugar beet.

Available in three flavors: cinnamon, apple and licorice.

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