"Concise Guide to Laminitis in the Horse" Book

$ 14.95

By Dr. David Ramey, DVM

Laminitis is a potentially devastating disease originating in a horse’s feet. While many horses recover from an episode of laminitis uneventfully, it can end a horse’s career, even its life, and is a concern for horse owners, farriers, and veterinarians, alike. In Concise Guide to Laminitis in the Horse, Dr. David Ramey begins with an overview of the problem, offering an insider’s view of what occurs in the feet of the afflicted animal. He then moves on to the most current thinking on causes, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and long–term maintenance. Dr. Ramey has extensive experience in equine veterinary practice; among his other books are Concise Guide to Arthritis in the Horse, Concise Guide to Medications and Supplements for the Horse, Concise Guide to Navicular Syndrome, and Horsefeathers.

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