$ 32.00

About the Paste:

Cop-pure-cure paste is great for treatment of White line Disease and Thrush. It's puddy consistency is extremely plyable and soaks into the hoof.

About the Resurrect Conditioner:

Cop-pure-cure Hoof Resurrect is a great conditioner for the hooves that has many of the same ingredients as the paste. Resurrect can be applied to the hoof daily as a much needed preventative/treatment for White line Disease and Thrush.

About the Spray:

Our Cop-pure-cure Easy Spray is a quick and easy way to keep fungus and bacteria at bay. Just a few sprays to the bottom of hoof and half way up wall and you won't have to worry about fungus and bacteria creeping into the cracks and areas in the hoof. Always pick hooves out and brush off before spraying on. Absorbs right in!

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