Curicyn Hoof Care Kit - 3 Pieces

$ 16.95
Recommended to use for thrush, abscesses, bruised sole or injury, white line disease, hot nails and puncture wounds. Contains a specially molded rubber hoof boot, an absorbent and adhesive hoof pad with a formula delivery tube and a 3 oz bottle of proprietary Curicyn Original Formula with a special applicator tip. Safe to soak for 24-36 hours.

Directions: Center treatment pad in contact with bottom of the hoof. Remove release paper from one adhesive tab at a time and press firmly to the side of the hoof. Repeat until all adhesive tabs are securely attached. While holding hoof with pad attached, stretch open the rubber boot over the treatment pad and hoof. Clear tube should be positioned at the rear center of the hoof and should protrude from the rubber boot. Place hoof on the ground and remove cap from treatment solution bottle. Insert the bottle tip into the clear tube and squeeze full contents into treatment pad and rubber boot assembly. Inspect the treated area every 2-3 days and repeat treatment as necessary with a new kit.