dac Hoof Therapy

$ 20.75

dac Hoof Therapy

  • Antifungak protective conditioner builds hoof wall and cushion
  • Potent antimicrobials launch a two-fold attack on disease-causing fungal microbial cells
  • deodorizes thrush odors; treats drying, cracking and chipping
  • Made in the USA

dac Hoof Therapy - Maintains healthy hooves by providing protection against a wide spectrum of microbial infections, balancing moisture content of hoof and supplying nutrients needed for strong hoof growth. 4 key ingredients address microbial infections such as thrush, foot rot and canker at the source. Helps increase hoof strength and pliability to prevent cracks. Helps restore and support flexible, healthy hooves. Creates breathable moisture barrier. Antibacterial and anti-fungal Leaves hooves with a healthy shine. Contains purified water, glycerin, zinc pyrithione, xanthan gum, silver nitrate, hydrolyzed keratin, abyssinian oil, white thyme oil and tea tree oil. 

Hoof Therapy is loaded with nutrients that facilitate healthy, strong hoof growth. 

Directions: Clean hoof and debride area of infected tissue. Apply into clefts of frog, heel bulb and holes or cracks. In severe cases, hoof can be paced with gauze or cotton after application . For active infections, treat 1-2 times daily for minimum of 3 days. To prevent future infections, treat twice weekly.