Derma Cloth Rinse-Free Wound Cleanser

$ 16.95

* Wipe away skin problems!

Derma Cloth – Prepackaged, disposable bathing/cleansing cloth for horses and dogs as an aid in the treatment of skin problems such as rain scald, girth itch, skin abrasions, hot spots, ringworm, scratches, wounds and cracked heels. Also useful for general rinse-free cleaning and grooming at shows, in the field or in the barn. Soap and alcohol free cloths contain microban and vitamin E. Wipe over affected area once or twice daily.


Packaged 8 cotton towels in a resealable bag.

Directions for Use:
To use DERMACLOTH®, open package at notch and remove one premoistened cloth, reseal package with top zipper to preserve unused cloths. Wipe cloth over affected areas once or twice daily and then simply discard the used cloths.

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