Dry Guy Waterproofing Spray

$ 15.95

Breathable, water-based, eco-friendly waterproofing for horse blankets, pet apparel and more

  • Provides protection against rain, snow, water, harmful mold buildup and unsightly stains
  • Safe for family and pets
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Made in Canada
Superior results on all outdoor fabrics such as nylon, polyester and canvas; adds or restores water repellency. Also for use as a sealer for zippers. Easy to apply. No yellowing of original color or stiffening of fabric when dry. Resists mold growth, stains and soiling. Ideal for waterproofing horse blankets and pet apparel. Biodegradable. No fluorocarbons, harmful solvents or alcohols.

Directions: Shake well; spray from distance of 6-9". Lightly rub in droplets with soft cloth; allow to dry before use. 16 oz spray covers 50-60 square feet.

1 bottle of concentrate = 64 oz spray.