$ 20.00

EponaShoe is the premier composite shoe for the health and longevity of your horse. The lightweight construction of the shoe allows the horse to move with more natural biomechanics.

We recommend the mesh shoe for small gravel, snow, and those who choose not to use the packing to keep rocks out from under the shoe.

EponaShoe with carbide tips offer enhanced traction and are ideal for endurance, eventing, and street uses. Available in sizes 00 thru 3, and with the mesh option.

EponaShoe with stud mounts has a standard 3/8” threaded mounted at each heel. Also has 4 carbide tips at the toe. Available in sizes 00 thru 3.

EponaShoe Pony sizes do not have nail holes and are glued on. Available in size 70-40.



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