Equiderma Neem Shampoo 32oz

$ 30.99

Equiderma Neem Shampoo 32oz

Product Features

  • Sulfate-free; 100% active ingredients 
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee
  • Made in the USA
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant formulation is far more than just a traditional cleansing shampoo. Calms hives, soothes sweet itch and insect bite sensitivity, and inhibits the growth of bacterial, fungal and dermatophyte-based skin issues. Use as part of a regular grooming regimen to keep horse’s coat in optimum condition.  

Contains organic neem leaf tea, neem seed oil, arnica, pine bark, basil, chamomile and cherry bark. 

Directions: Apply liberal amount of shampoo to wet horse. If fighting a skin issue or first time using Equiderma Shampoo, leave on for up to 1 hour. Allows herbs and oil to soak into skin. Rinse until no foamy residue remains. For maximum benefit, follow with Equiderma Neem & Aloe Conditioner.