Galvanized Small Animal Feeder with Lid

$ 13.95
Gravity design small animal feeder dispenses several days-worth of feed a little at a time.

Constructed of chew-proof, rust-resistant, heavy-gauge galvanized steel. Features hinged metal lid to cover feed. Can be attached to the inside of a hutch with included independent wire hooks.

Sifter Bottom style features wire mesh bottom that sifts out powdery residues pelleted and grain feeds leave behind so they fall into the litter below.

3" size measures 5-1/2"Lx 3-1/8"Wx7-1/8"H.
5" size measures 5-1/2"Lx 5-1/8"Wx7-1/8"H.
7" size measures 5-1/2"Lx 7-1/8"W x 7-1/8"H.