Happy Hen Party Mix

$ 11.95

* All-natural
* Made in the USA

Happy Hen Party Mix chicken treats are perfect for training or taming chickens, or just giving them a special treat. Yummy blend of high-quality ingredients.

Available in 3 fun, healthy taste sensations.
Corn & Mealworm contains corn and dried mealworms.

Oat & Mealworm contains corn, oat groats, rolled oats, black oil sunflower seeds, dried mealworms, peanuts and flaxseeds.

Seed & Mealworm contains corn, black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower kernels, dried mealworms and flaxseed.

Feed straight from your hand, scattered on the ground or in feeding dish. Resealable bag for easy feeding and storage.

Made in the USA.

Get the party started and keep your chickens happy!