High End Hen Poultry Feed Saver

$ 42.75

* The best, most efficient poultry feeder!
* Rodent-, rain- and waste-proof
* Mounts inside or outside any size coop

High End Hen Poultry Feed Saver – Mounts to any style coop; perfect for saving space in smaller coops. Saves feed from chickens’ natural tendency to scratch, stopping unnecessary waste. A-frame rain shield is right size to keep feed dry in wet weather; small enough to prevent birds from roosting and making a mess. Protects feed from rodents and their diseases. For quick and easy transition when first presenting to flock, fill tube with feed and add another cup into mouth of feeder so it is visible to birds. Brackets included. Holds 10 lbs of feed. Measures 26"x6"x9". Patent pending.