Hoof Knife - Yukon Forge

$ 114.75


The Yukon Forge Hoof Knife, the must-have addition to any farrier's tool kit. Hand-made in Colorado using only the best materials, including 440C steel and beautiful hardwood for the handles. A hoof knife is the most important tool a farrier has, so get a good one!


This expertly designed knife is durable and lightweight, but ergonomically designed to ensure even the most complex trimming tasks will be completed quickly and comfortably. The grip of this knife has been refined for years to its current design. This comfortable grip allows for extended use without the discomfort and fatigue that often accompanies a long day of shoeing.


The razor-sharp blades are specifically designed to ensure clean and accurate cuts, allowing you to easily remove excess hoof material without damaging the surrounding area. The blades are also easy to sharpen ensuring they will maintain their effectiveness for many years to come.


Our hoof knives are designed and built to be the best in the industry. They are for those who demand the quality of their tools, match the quality of their work.