"Horse Foot Care: A Horse Owner's Guide to Humane Foot Care" Book

$ 19.97

By Doug Butler

This book is an easy-to-understand, reliable guide for every horse owner concerned about the proper care of horses’ feet. This book will help you …

  • Understand what constitutes quality, humane horse and hoof care.
  • Learn about common foot problems and diseases.
  • Grasp basic foot anatomy, structure and function.
  • Learn basic vocabulary and definitions to help effectively communicate your horse’s needs.
  • Get tips on how to select a farrier.>
  • Evaluate the decision, cost and responsibility of owning a horse.

Horse Foot Care explains how the foot is a horse’s foundation – and why it is important to provide proper care for the feet. The contents of this book will help you become more comfortable talking about your horse’s foot care needs with your farrier and veterinarian. You’ll want to keep this handy guide at your finger tips daily for quick reference to humane horse foot care and other valuable information.

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