Itchin' Post Grooming Pad

$ 64.95
Give your animal a safe place to scratch with the original Itching Post Grooming Pad. 

All animals itch and they'll use whatever is in the pasture or barn to get relief. Rubbing against fence posts, sharp metal corners, exposed bolts and rusty nails may relieve the itch, but it can also cause hair loss, ugly scars, costly vet visits, and damaged fences, barns and equipment.

Now it's easy to cover up those unsafe spots!
Specifically designed for animals to rub on, Itchin-Post scratch pad is a textured “soft touch” pad that gives animals a long-lasting, safe, satisfying way to scratch that annoying itch. Plus, it won’t pull hair or rip sheets and blankets!

Animals love the relief they get when they rub against a pad that’s safe for them.
They'll choose Itching-Post scratch post and stay away from equipment or other harmful areas. Helps save time and money on wound treatments, costly vet visits and damaged equipment.

Flexible enough to wrap around posts or corners and easily mounted to any surface. Designed to cover objects sticking out of surfaces – nails, hooks and gate latches – and sized to fit over small or large areas. Panels can be arranged any way needed: 2-3 panels wrapped around a tree or wood post; single or multiple panels for walls, building corners, stalls, pens and more. Each ItchinPost pad measures 23-1/4"x14-7/8". 

Installation is simple
Just mount using twine to apply to trees, feeders and fences (not included). Use screws and washers to apply to wood surfaces (not included). Can be removed for easy cleaning as needed.

Won't crack or get brittle; withstands extreme conditions (-77° to 277°F). Lasts 5-10 years. Patent pending. Money Back Guarantee.

Important note: Rub Itchin’ Post Grooming Pads against your animals before installing to encourage your animals to start using them.