Kerckhaert Draft Shoe 32x12 Toe Clipped

$ 25.70

KERCKHAERT DRAFT 32x12 Toe Clipped 

Sold as a pair or by the box (10 pairs per box).

Recommended nail: LE8XL, E-8, E-9, E-10, 9 , 10 Regular

This is a strong Kerckhaert steel shoe with toe clips on the front and hind for the most demanding work environments. Logging, packing, or whatever you are doing, these shoes have the strength to hold up and protect the hoof.

  • Front and hind patterns
  • Punched for E-8, E-9, E-10 or 8 Combo, 9 Regular
  • V-Crease
  • Toe Clip
  • High quality steel provides better wear in a tough environment
  • High quality steel provides better wear
  • Toe clipped design adds security when applied to the hoof
  • Shape allows for easier fitting and saves time at the anvil
  • V-Crease provides a more secure nail fit

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