Likit Starter Kit Blue

$ 40.95
Value pack Kit containing best-selling Likit products includes blue holder, 3 Likit Refills (apple, carrot and cherry flavors) and 2 Treat Bars (apple and carrot flavors). Treats for all equine. Likit refills are made from glucose, much like that found in grass. Scientifically proven to prevent stall vices and may help prevent ulcers. Available in 5 flavors horses love. 650 gm each.

Contains max 0.5% crude fiber.

Use with Holder. Failure to use correct holder may result in excess consumption.

Treat Bars shaped like chocolate bar for appeal and ease of use. Encourages salivation, ideal for use before training to “soften” mouth. Offer 1-2 pieces as reward.

Directions for Holder: Hang from beam away from walls. Center should be level with horse’s withers. As horse plays with toy, holder will move, making horse work harder for reward. Additional holders and refills sold separately.