M160 Energizer 110V Fence Charger

$ 167.95

* Ideal for small pastures
* 1.6 joules
* Replaces M150 110V Energizer; features the same unbeatable quality, now in a smaller footprint
* 2 Year Warranty
* Learn more about electric fencing – see the diagram and Energizer Selection Chart in 'Other Info' below
* See how to check an electric fence in 10 easy steps – watch the video in 'Other Info' below

The M160 110V Energizer – Gallagher took everything they love about the M150 energizer and hit “refresh.” Same unbeatable quality in a smaller footprint. Reliable animal control is assured with integrated lightning protection. Robust, reliable and made to last with tough outer casing and built-in lightning diverter. Easy to use and install with simple fence terminals and hassle-free mounting. Check power at a glance – green indicator light flashes when energizer is working properly. 1.6 stored joules. UL Approved.

Clean Fence Distance: 30 miles / 100 acres
Typical Fence Distance: 11 miles / 60 acres