"Mk3" Empathy Pairs Collar Set

$ 541.30

The Empathy MK3 Contour Breastplate is a careful blend of ancient and proven harness systems, with lightweight materials that combine strength, with low maintenance and maximum comfort.

This collar set comes complete with:- Breastplate , Wither Strap Brake Strap Retainer Strap Martingale and Quick Release Trace fittings, all of which are available for separate purchase.
Research into the ideal breastplate shape has been meticulously researched right back to the days of the charioteers of ancient Greece. Studies of load bearing areas and the horse's skeletal and muscular anatomy have all been taken into consideration. the result is a breastplate that combines the load bearing and efficiency of a full breastplate with lightness and a more versatile and adjustable fitting.

The MK3 Empathy works with the horse's conformation by allowing greater freedom of movement through the shoulder, enabling the horse to pull a load with minimum restriction to limb movement or pressure on the shoulder joint.

The trace buckle now features a pivoting ring which allows a more comfortable fit across the shoulder, regardless of the line of draft.

In order to maintain the curved shape, the Empathy Breastplate is made with a central core of Zilco strapping for maximum strength under the toughest of marathon conditions. It has soft padded waffle lining on the bearing surfaces and quick release, stainless steel fittings.

The Empathy Collar set is also available as an option in Zilco Classic Pair Harness

This Pairs collar set may also be converted for Singles use - simply add a pair of Quick Release Trace fittings.