NC Forge Knifemaker 2-Burner

$ 876.00

Special made for the knifemaker who forges blades or demascus. Equipped with insulated doors on both ends for easy entry and removal of demascus billets. Doors on both ends allows long pieces to be forged. Firebox 4"H x 4 1/2"W x 13 1/2"L. 2" x 3" exhaust port on one door. Weight 48lbs.

• Exclusive, high efficiency burners. 
• Push-button ignition.
• Uniform Heat...Reaches 2350°.
• Quick Recovery...heats and reheats metal very quickly.
• Flexible...rear bar stock door allows heating sections of bar stock. (Optional on some models.)
• No Blower Required.
• Fuel of Choice...comes fitted for propane, but may be configured for natural gas.
• Transportable...light weight and quick cooling.
• Hose, gauge, and regulator included.
• Quality assured...we stand behind our products.