NC Forge Whisper Deluxe (No Back Door)

$ 638.00

2 Burner Shoers Gas Forge. Firebox 3" x 12" x 6". Weight 45lbs.
Stainless steel door reflects heat away from the user. Hot fit your keg shoes Red Hot. Works well for many blacksmithing procedures. No back door on this model.

• Exclusive, high efficiency burners.
• Push-button ignition.
• Uniform Heat...Reaches 2350°.
• Quick Recovery...heats and reheats metal very quickly.
• No Blower Required.
• Fuel of Choice...comes fitted for propane, but may be configured for natural gas.
• Transportable...light weight and quick cooling.
• Hose, gauge, and regulator included.

• Quality assured...we stand behind our products.