No Thrush Powder

$ 21.95
  • The first ever dry thrush treatment for horses
  • Allows you to stay ahead of thrush and fix the problem
  • Works great on scratches, mud fever and rain rot - just dust on washing
  • Attracks active thrush in just 4-7 days

No Thrush dry thrush remedy is a powder treatment that attacks active thrush in 4-7 days and eliminates moisture where it hides. Safe, all-natural formula of mineral salts and clays attacks bacteria, absorbs moisture and draws thrush to the surface. Helps keep the area dry, destroying potential breeding grounds that allow thrush to return. Added mixture of herbs soothes, encourages healing and promotes healthy hoof regeneration. Squeezable bottle puffs out fine powder into deep, damp, hidden areas of the hoof that wet products might not find. Also effective against rain rot, fungus, scratches and hot spots on dogs. non-causic, won't burn or harm tender areas of hoof. 

Use regularly to help heal heel cracks and continue weekly as preventative. 

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