R.A.T.E Hoof Packing Tube 10 oz

$ 7.88

R.A.T.E Hoof Packing’s Pure-Fit formula soothes the hoof with natural medicines maintaining a strong, pliable, and overall healthy hoof. It is a leather-based hoof pack that delivers comfort and performance throughout all applications. R.A.T.E Hoof Packing treats abscesses and sole bruising along with preventing thrush and other common hoof problems.

Available sizes: 1lb Tube & 8lb or 16lb Buckets & 10 oz Tube(gun needed for application

Provides comfort for the horse the economic, natural way.
– Supports and Cushions Hoof and Leg
– Resists Freezing
– Leather to Hoof = Protein to Protein
– Clean and Easy to Use
– Will Not Absorb Moisture
– Will Not Dry Out
– Environmentally Friendly

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