Redmond Rein Water Thirst Relief for Horses

$ 28.95


Rein Water is a powder drink additive that encourages horses to drink more while providing them with natural electrolytes. The natural ingredients come from Redmond’s mineral deposits in Central Utah and are brought to you in their natural, unrefined state, full of beneficial minerals. Alkalizes water. For all breeds and disciplines of horses.

Contains min 2.2%/max 2.7% calcium, min 0.03% phosphorus, min 46%/max 51% salt, min 0.43% magnesium, min 0.35% potassium, min 0.07% sulfur, min 11 ppm copper, min 10 ppm iodine, min 2,200 ppm iron, min 202 ppm manganese and min 17 ppm zinc.

Directions: Mix 2 scoops with 4 gallons water. Mixture will have light, muddy appearance. Contents will settle at bottom of bucket; horse still gets benefits of minerals absorbed in water. Once finished, leftover silt will be at bottom; rinse bucket and start over. Provide separate water source. Scoop enclosed. Resealable pouch.

Did you know?
Horses need to drink at least 10 gallons of water a day.
Comes in a 5lb Bag